Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Hundreds of businesses across the country closed their doors in deference to the wishes of America's illegal workforce, and many teachers failed to prevent their dangerously naive students from joining demonstrations which only proved to the rest of us just how utterly foolish and immoral years of systematic liberal brainwashing has left them.

Members of the drive-by media, as Rush Limbaugh likes to call it, were perfectly giddy with all the excitement, as news trucks took up strategic positions in key cities where communist-backed organizations had promised to hold mass rallies in support of illegal workers. Referring to the events as "immigration rights protests", most of the "mainstream" press was more than happy to promote the efforts of a loose confederation of international communists, ACLU activists, radical Muslims, and unapologetic, law-breaking foreigners.

Average American citizens could do little but sit and watch as hoards of illegals and their collaborators marched in streets across the U.S., openly mocking our immigrations laws, while politicians from Washington D.C. to Washington State either cheered on the protesters or hid from view.